Fencing Project

Fencing Project

Our project aim is to raise HK$250,000 to build fencing to the vacant land adjoining the shelter in Tai Lam Wu, Sai Kung, the home to over 110 abandoned and homeless dogs.

The fencing will provide a large exercise area in which the dogs will have the freedom to run and play safely.

Donation Categories

Kind Givers    A.  $500 B.  $1,000 C.  $2,000
Big Givers  D.   $5,000  E.   $10,000  F.   $20,000
Philanthropic Giver G. $50,000 H. $100,000 
The Big Dream I.  $150,000 J.  Other

Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation is a Hong Kong registered Charity. All donations are tax deductible. Give to the dogs … less to Inland Revenue!

The Fence.This area was formerally fully fenced and used by SKSFF. In 2003 SKSFF received legal notification to remove all our fencing and to cease the use of the land unless we could pay $20,000 per month or purchase the land for $2M.  Either was an option, resulting in the removal of our glavanised fencing.  It was very sad….and a loss of freedom for our shelter dogs.

A very kind dog lover purchased the land in 2018 for the benefit of SKSFF. It is now for our ongoing use and our obligation to maintain and fence the land.

The land also was enjoyed for SKSFF Xmas party’s and we could also hire out an area for private occasions for those who wanted a party space for their dogs.